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Our Showroom: We think you'll find our 15,000-square-foot showroom unlike any in the country. We inventory over 10,000 different items from over 300 of the world's finest lighting manufacturers. Our buyers have traveled the world to provide the most unique and extensive lighting selection available in Houston.

Our Design Team: We are the only lighting showroom in Houston to offer a full-service lighting design and specification department. From a one-bedroom condo to a high-rise office building, our professional design staff has done it all. Bring us plans or pictures of your project, and we'll take it from there. No job is too big or too small.

What our customers say about us:
"We've bought dozens of lighting fixtures and components from Lighting Unlimited (indoor and outdoor sconces, recessed lights, cable lights, monorail with heads, LED strip lights, outdoor path lights, tree moon lights, etc.) and have found them to be spectacular. Their pricing is exceptional (better than most no-service Internet places), staff is knowledgable and they have an extremely good sense of bang-for-the-buck. For example, our designer had suggested for us some fixtures from Bega (which is extremely expensive) or Lightolier and while Lighting Unlimited was able to provide competitive pricing on those items they also gave us leads on brands offering very similar appearance, functionality and quality for a small fraction of the price.

"We wouldn't buy a lighting fixture anywhere online or offline without checking with Lighting Unlimited first."

- Jeffrey O., Scarsdale, N.Y.
"I have had wonderful experiences with everyone of your staff. From design to having light bulbs sent, including assistance with changing the bulbs in recessed lighting cans (thanks Stephen), even the staff in the warehouse have been great to work with and very helpful. Lighting Unlimited is the best place to go for lighting and fans. Thank you for all your assistance."

- Penny (Dawn) Lively
"Met with Craig yesterday and he has provided the help we needed and should be able to handle the whole project. You have a great team and we are very satisfied with the help that Craig has provided. He has even asked our builder if he can bid on some of the work that the electrician wanted to do on his own. We welcome his efforts."

- Byron and Dalis Furseth
"Hi Stephen I am your customer from Monday regarding the kitchen bulbs. I first want to say that you were a pleasure to deal with. You were patient in explaining the different types of bulbs, lumens, watts or "K". I am especially grateful that you allowed me to take bulbs try them and realize that they were not correct color and try a different kind without any pressure. This was a huge value to me and I am very appreciative of that and please thank your manager again for me as well. I wanted to let you know that these bulbs were a much better color than the other LEDs. I think I will stay with these unless the other one I did not try you think would be any better. I know I cannot go less bright (lumens) because it would not be enough light. This one is 2700K and 970 lumens. What is the other one? Feel free to call if that is easier. Most of all thanks again for having such great customer service. I will work with you in the future. MM
"I just wanted to pass on to the owner of the business that Mr. Madkins was very helpful and treated me with the utmost respect. I needed some special light bulbs and he was very responsive even though I was not a "big ticket". I could tell he was helping other customers, but he seamlessly fit my needs in and did not make me feel less of a priority than potential fixture buyers. This was quite different from another experience I have had at the store, so I was glad I tried Lighting Unlimited and had the pleasure to meet Mr. Madkins. I know it was such a quick moment, but experiences like these are what turn transactions into loyal customers. Thanks, Matt
"I just wanted to thank Gabby for all her help with my lighting choices. Our home is finished and I couldn't be more pleased with how it all turned out. She was a helpful and attentive sales person. She understood my style and continually showed me great options. I had a budget to stay within and she didn't push me to get anything outside of it. I would highly recommend LU and Gabby to anyone looking for home lighting. Thank you, Jill Nesloney
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